Banana Bread 4 Ways


Banana Bread 4 Ways


  1. Posted by quistestrepe, — Reply

    ugh... followed the chocolate banana bread exactly. not sweet at all. texture was nice and fluffy but it couldnt hurt to throw 1/2 to 1 cup of sugar in the mix.

  2. Posted by heathermariepta, — Reply

    I’ve made the chocolate and the blueberry. Both are delicious. I also subbed PB fit powder instead of cocoa powder for a peanut butter chocolate chip treat!

  3. Posted by stephanielefter, — Reply

    Delicious, however the bananas I used were not very ripe so it didn't turn out very sweet. Also I separated the egg whites and beat them until fluffy then added the to the rest of the mixture. I recommend doing this since it gave a nice fully texture to the cake.

  4. Posted by daisyfoot, — Reply This is the link for the Banana, strawberry, cream cheese bread since the amounts weren't listed in the video. Enjoy!

  5. Posted by farfalla96, — Reply

    These were sooo good! I made the dark chocolate one and the blueberry one and I cannot tell you which is better! Super easy to make and one bowl! Nothing can beat that. I did not have yogurt so I used 1/4 cup oil and I used just 1/4 cup honey. I baked them yesterday and they are almost gone. And it is just 4 of us (2 little kids)

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