30 Totally Relatable Memes To Help You Celebrate (Or Mourn) Your 30th Birthday


Your 30th Birthday Can Be A Time Of Excitement, Life Changes - Or Sheer Agony. No Matter Your Outlook On Turning The Big 3-0, Here Are Some Hilarious And Totally Relatable Funny Memes About Turning 30.


  1. Posted by mcparadise45, — Reply

    People are a vital part of the life cycle of the anopheles mosquito; the one that transmits malaria and Dengue fever...that's all...no crown of creation, or anything like that...go lemmings, go...con safos...

  2. Posted by MrsPopplicious, — Reply

    Mosquitos and cat fleas don't even find me attractive. Mainly because I wear Karma perfume by Lush - and they hate it!

  3. Posted by imverymetal1, — Reply

    Mosquitoes stop sucking after you slap them. I don't need that kind of "Attractive".

  4. Posted by authorjadecastellan, — Reply

    Actually mosquitos never like me. Ever. I don’t even wear any spray!

  5. Posted by gabbypop27, — Reply

    Yer but some mosquitoes 🦟 carry deadly things like lepa

  6. Posted by Sirius1116, — Reply

    This means mosquitoes also don’t find me attractive😭😭

  7. Posted by greenmp1949, — Reply

    ..............SO TRUE ???..............

  8. Posted by googiesh, — Reply

    Got a nasty bite 2 weeks ago and still not gone

  9. Posted by kathrynakabubblez, — Reply

    only female mosquitoes though

  10. Posted by misha1035, — Reply

    Summer time experiences.

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